Nilar publiceert persbericht over deelname Solar Solutions

Persbericht Nilar

High voltage battery systems from Nilar on display at solar energy fair


The Solar Solutions International has developed into the largest commercial platform for solar energy in the Benelux countries. The event attracts thousands of visitors every year and creates sales- and trade opportunities at the end of the solar supply chain. At this year’s event – which took place between March 16-17 in Vijfhuizen nearby Amsterdam – Nilar displayed their NiMH batteries as part of a solar energy solution supplied by Dutch company Indutecc.


The majority of visitors attending The Solar Solutions Internationalare seasoned professionals and decision makers within the energy sector. Since the level of knowledge is so high, exhibitors are pressed to display innovative solutions that really bring something new to the industry.


The event was a great success and we’re very happy with Nilar’s involvement; they provided the energy storage component for the high voltage systems we’ve developed for bigger clients. While the other exhibitors could only showcase lithium-ion, we were able to introduce a storage solution based on the unique NiMH chemistry from Nilar. We also put a cutaway in front of the booth that revealed the bi-polar construction of the battery, and it became a real eye-catcher. Over 80% of our visitors asked about our solar energy system connected to energy storage from Nilar“, says Jeroen Panis and Eloy de Kort, Sales Managers at Indutecc.


Jan Lundquist, Sales Manager at Nilar, was present at the event to help introduce and explain the system. He sees great opportunity in the rapidly changing energy landscape.


The energy storage market is booming, and the situation in the Netherlands is especially interesting. Today, as a solar energy producer, you get paid for sending back unused energy to the public energy network. But this will most likely end after 2020 due to new regulations. In 2017 the government will make the final decision. This will give the Dutch market a strong incentive to start storing their own energy, and that’s where we come in. Right now battery solutions are already interesting for peak shaving purposes and for backup in case the net falls down. Judging by all the leads and positive feedback we received at the event, it’s clear that we have every chance to play a central role in this upcoming development”, he says.